Mr. Ganesh Ramachandran

Mr. Ganesh Ramachandran was the first speaker of the day. He spoke about the 4 key technology convergence trends namely the Big Data, Cloud Computing, Social Media and Mobility. He also talked about the evolution of G2C services which started from informing people, then consulting them for feedback, then involving them in the decision making through their ideas thereby collaborating with them and finally empowering them through better delivery of services. He mentioned that India lied somewhere between the informing and the consulting stage.  Mr. Ramachandran then talked about the 3 tier architecture of the National eGovernance Plan which consists of the front end Citizen Service Centres, the back end infrastructure consisting of the State WAN and State Data Centres and finally the departments and the Mission Mode Projects. He also talked about the service delivery strategy of the Government and some of the initiatives of the Government of India namely Aadhar, Direct Cash Transfer scheme and the GICloud. All this entails a huge investment in the forthcoming years and a big opportunity for consulting services industry in India.

Mr. Ramachandran, an XLRI alumnus, specializes in marketing and finance. He deals in client engagement at Wipro Consulting. With an experience of 16 years in the industry, Mr. Ramachandran gave the students a peek into the consulting world at Wipro. His engaging discourse touched on various relevant topics with the theme of unconventionality in mind. Focusing on the role of technology in e-governance, Mr. Ramachandran touched on topics like the importance of big data, cloud computing, social media and mobility. He talked to the students about his experiences working with the government as a client. It certainly was an eye opener to a lot of sceptics who didn’t have the confidence in the initiatives taken by our government. In fact, we were surprised to find the role the public played in inclusive growth for government processes. Mr. Ramachandran also talked about promising government initiatives that use technology like the National eGovernance plan. Even though there are challenges in terms of the huge amount of data the government must sift through, with the help of sound advice from organizations like Wipro Consulting, the government is well on its way to usher in a better tomorrow.

Government to customer services will never be the same for the students of SJMSOM, IITB. Mr Ganesh from Wipro made sure of that. He gave a talk about the convergence of technology trends in the G2C sector. Big Data, Cloud, Social Media, and Mobility: nothing was left untouched
The pace of the presentation was amazing. He quantified for us the amount of work that is happening in the public sector. The Mission Mode Programmes that he touched upon were eye openers. All in all we could never over estimate the value of the knowledge that was shared.