Mr. Milan Seth

Mr. Milan Sheth from Ernst & Young has worked in domains like B2B consulting to telecom industry. He talked to the students about unconventionality and how it is important given increasing stronger inter-sector competition these days. This, coupled with changing mindsets has brought about a need to build models for clients that can handle newer business problems unconventionally.  For example, diversification of a brand is a challenge for a consultant. And it delves deeper than just a decision on whether the diversification needs to be vertical or horizontal. Mr. Sheth cited the example of Microsoft being myopic about its cloud computing business model. He saw the role of consultants as more of implementers of strategy. The proof of the pudding is, as they say, in the eating.

Mr. Milan Sheth started his presentation with a look into the SMAC framework which stands for Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing. He gave on to give examples of how these are important in business. He told us that as future consultants, there is a high importance on asking the right questions to the clients. He gave us an insight into a framework for the type of questions that should be asked of all clients. 1) What are the brands you have and how much can they be stretched? 2) What is the current business model? Is there a possibility of horizontal convergence or vertical convergence? 3) What kind of customer service can the company provide in the future? Mr. Sheth highlighted the fact that a successful solution can be developed only by asking the right questions.

Mr. Milan Sheth started off in a very unconventional way! - Yeah, very apt for theme for the day. He started off by asking students a lot of questions and demanding students to give unconventional answers. Example: How Sony can be a competitor to Airtel? How Cisco can be a competitor to TOI! Stumped? Most of the students were too. He then spoke of big data and convergence based on the theme we had for the Continuum.
Then the discussion moved on to how convergence can bring a difference to the world as a whole and to all the stakeholders in specific. He spoke about how convergence is not a win-win for all and how it is a zero sum where some companies lose out and only some who adopt win it all. He spoke about cloud computing and mobility and how it has brought a change. A lot of people have lost jobs and a lot of gained from it as well. Mr. Milan Sheth’s talk was brief, enlightening and brought the crowd out of slumber with his smart questions.