Mr. Sagar Paul

Our business strategy is not to have a strategy! We do every business that comes our way! We don’t know anything but that’s our advantage and we assure you to deliver project within prescribed time limits.

Wow! Mr. Paul today explained us how mu sigma is working unconventionally and building competency required in modern world. Sir started with cracking few jokes but communicating what kind of opportunity are there for organization like mu sigma that is creating competency in altogether newer businesses.
 He emphasized on how big data could be concern in future and why it is necessary for making it more actionable and usable. He explained framework showing role of individual/organization based on relative understanding / knowledge. This framework helps to understand positioning and what to do in such situation. Overall session was conducted in humorous way but at the same time giving insight on how world is changing, what opportunities are there for every one of us but what we need to do to capture those.

Mr. Sagar Paul spoke on the importance of emoting in any big organization. He compared an organization to a big elephant and how the rider has to guide the entire elephant in the right path by motivating the elephant (Organization) as a whole. He also spoke on how Intuition plays an important role in all the consulting decisions. He then showed a 2*2 matrix which showed the areas where most people work in. “I know / I don’t know” matrix. He mentioned that a lot of consulting problems belong to “I don’t know/ I don’t know” section of the matrix. And how the “I know/I know section” is the section to be the DO section and the “I know/ I don’t know” be the Learn section. He then spoke about how Mu sigma does not have any separate frame work for the verticals and how they would like to explore newer areas. However, he also mentioned that they do have some specified frameworks for all the horizontals they work in (Functionals). He rounded off by talking about how aggressively Mu Sigma tries to enter different markets even though they do not have any prior experience in working in particular sectors. He ended by saying they ask employees in his organization by asking them to emote and gave a typical example of the same. PUFP – Pick up the fucking phone! Where the F word brings in the emotion part to it all!

Mr. Sagar Paul started his talk with the unobvious completely unimaginable words, “Our firm does not have any particular Strategy”. These words assume all the more importance when coming from a consulting firm. He went on to explain that, Mu Sigma bids for just about any project with or without prior experience in the domain of the project.
Their claim while doing so, “We can do just about anything that comes our way without ever having done it because that is how we do business”. There is an unconventional practicality about the approach. Mr. Paul said that it is easier to learn something new and start afresh rather than unlearn and then try to learn. This and a lot of confidence in their team of consultants is what make Mu Sigma what it is today. This totally reaffirms what Mr. Paul stated in the beginning of his talk, “We are Foxes and not hedgehogs.