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Finance Continuum

The Finance Continuum 2013 will be organized on 1st of September 2013 with a theme reflecting the current trends and challenges faced by finance professionals. The Finance Continuum 2013 will see a series of lectures based on the theme:


The Finance Continuum will be the seventh event in the ‘Continuum 2013’ series. It is organized by Finesse - The Finance Club of SJMSOM, IIT Bombay.
Economies across the world faced the heat from various global financial crises, triggered by the sub-prime crisis in the USA. Effects of this near-meltdown were felt in geographies ranging from the Americas and Europe to India and the rest of Asia. The G20 has been foremost in championing the need for revamping and strengthening of the international financial system. Among the areas in which work is needed are financial regulatory and oversight mechanisms, macroeconomic policies, free trade and the establishment and support of a global body that monitors and works towards improving the global monetary and financial system. These components together will contribute to a much needed stability of the international financial system. The sub-themes of this seminar, mentioned below, delve deeper into various aspects of such a global financial architecture.

Among the key topics for discussion are:
  • Prudential oversight of the global financial system
  • Reversing Currency Wars
  • Implication of capital account convertibility on the Global Financial Architecture
  • Tweaking tax policies to make India an attractive global destination
  • India, The Innovation Hub - Can Investment Banks Turn Angel Investors?
  • Widening Current Account Deficit – What India can do?
Nithin Gomez,
6 Aug 2013, 06:00