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Marketing Continuum

Marketing Continuum 2013 will be organized on 25th August, 2013 with a theme reflecting the on the evolution of marketing in changing times. The Marketing Continuum 2013 will see a series of lectures and panel discussions centred on the theme:

Evolution of Marketing: From selling product to delivering experience

Marketing Continuum will be the fifth event in ‘Continuum 2013’ series. It is organized by 'Marktrix' - The Marketing club of SJMSOM, IIT Bombay.

In an era where consumers are no longer followers and in some cases are ahead even of the marketers, catering to them has its challenges. The world and the consumer expectation is changing at a rapid pace and the tenure of product advantage over others have reduced drastically .No longer can companies just sit back and relax, quoting their quality of product to be the tool which paves the way to the consumers. In the new world of digital communication and social media, the consumer is the one who is in the driving seat. This is forced the marketers to think out of the box and respond with something which drive their growth in the future. And responded they have, with a shift their focus from “Product only” to “product experience”. The new way forward, is a combination of the best of the existing strategies as well as the learning from the ever evolving consumer expectations and the organization which does it in the swiftest way possible stands to gain the most.

However, one must be mindful of the fact that it’s not only the experience and the decision to provide experience to consumer which counts. This is where delivering the experience to the consumer in the best possible manner becomes the most important aspect in today’s marketing.

Some of the key topics for discussion will include:
  • Managing Products v/s Managing Experience
  • Target Marketing - A Comprehensive Approach
  • Rising Customer expectations and emerging service strategies
  • Role of "Social Media Marketing" in delivering experience
  • After sales service: as important as selling a product


Faculty Co-ordinator, Marketing Continuum: Prof. Dinesh Sharma

Sayan Chakrabarti

Nachiket Shahu Deshmukh

Shashank Shobhit
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Nithin Gomez,
5 Aug 2013, 06:13