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Systems Continuum

The Systems Continuum 2013 was organized on 31th August, 2013 with a theme that reflects the current trends and challenges in the field of Systems. The Systems Continuum 2013 witnessed a series of lectures and panel discussions centered on the theme:

“Evolution of Systems: From Uniqueness to Ubiquity”

Information Technology (IT) is no more a mere business choice but has become the way of doing business. IT has undergone a dramatic transition from a utility provider to an enabler of business model transformation over the years. At Systems Continuum 2013, the discussion would be on the evolution of IT from a passive support function to a significant tool providing competitive advantage and how IT can be leveraged to provide long term sustainability to business.
Systems Continuum was the sixth event in ‘Continuum 2013’ series. It was organized by 'System@tics' - The Systems club of SJMSOM, IIT Bombay.

Some of the key topics for discussion were:
  • Social Media: Redefining How We Connect
  • Mobility: Future of Business in a Connected World
  • Analytics: Converting Volume to Value
  • Cloud Computing: Offering Anything as a Service
  • Leap Towards Green Growth
  • Enterprise 2.0: User Engagement and Communication Sharing
  • IT towards efficient Business Processes
  • Outsourcing vs. Insourcing: Making the Right Choice

Panel Discussion:

There were two panel discussions which focused on: 

Panel Discussion 1: “Using emerging technologies to steer growth for organizations”

Panel Discussion 2: “The effect of E-Commerce on traditional business models”



Faculty Co-ordinator, Systems Continuum: Prof. Rajendra M. Sonar

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