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Mr. Sameer Wagle

Mr. Wagle gave us a valuable insight into the role of a Venture Capitalist and the challenges faced by them.  The presentation captured the various aspects of the work of a Venture Capitalist. Following is the brief description of the presentation:

A VC helps in building businesses with equity and quasi-equity investments and by sharing of knowledge and expertise. 

He mentioned about the role of Asset Management companies and their role in investments.

For success of a venture a favourable ecosystem should be active. Factors which affect the ecosystem are - economic, regulatory, innovation, markets, social and financial and exit routes.

This was evident in the difficulties faced by the entrepreneurs to rake in capital to start business in the 1990s when image of India wasn't that great in the market. Now, things have changed and getting capitals even from foreign VCs is comparatively easier.

Selection of an able leader is very essential. He will be the one who will accomplish the vision of the company.

Mr. Wagle substantiated the importance of VCs with an example in which two highly qualified entrepreneurs gave up after the first jolt they received. In contrast he gave another example in which the entrepreneur possessed the above mentioned qualities. The entrepreneur came back from the first blow to their business and delivered the result after complete over haul of the system.