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Mr. Sankarnarayanan

Finance continuum, dated 31st July started off with a very eminent speaker Mr. Govind Sankaranarayanan, CFO & COO- Tata Capital

Mr. Sankarnarayanan started by highlighting on per capita income of India then comparing with U.S.A. He explained stagnation of U.S per capita income since 1980’s there hasn’t been much change. Whereas in India there has been a drastic change in terms of GDP and per capita income from past decade. He also talked about investment pattern in India is very rigid. People are more saving oriented than western counterparts. He segmented investments into two such as physical assets which include private shares, bonds around 35% and gold and all metals assets about 65%.

After discussing about merits of financing, the speaker emphasized on long term consequences of finance. He went into checked globalization from European countries so that it doesn’t led to crisis like in west.

He even went further on extent of financiers’ dead to subsidy, penalization on savers, productive use of capital, check on default rate ex Andhra Pradesh nobody was allowed to hold more than one loan, identification of risks

Mr. Govind S. even showed his interest in entrepreneurship of young Indians coming ahead. He summoned that government should focus on infrastructure and it should increase its faith in new investors. He talked about leveraging of loans in India and we as Indians are not averse to risk taking abilities. He also gave example of U.S. that how even in meltdown and crisis situation still people did not go to the banks for their money.