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Marketing Continuum

Customer acquisition and retention has emerged as the most challenging area for all marketing researchers and managers. The relatisonship has evolved from being a passive to a more active one. The companies strive hard to leverage each and every interaction which they have with their customers. Through multiple activities which involve branding, advertising, sales promotions, PR activities, companies try to look after each and every aspect of customer satisfaction. Thus having matured from simple interactions, customer engagement is now synonymous with Marriage.

‘Marketing Continuum 2011’

Marketing Continuum will be the third event in ‘Continuum 2011’ series and is scheduled on 30th July, 2011. It is organized by 'Marktrix' - The Marketing club of SJMSOM, IIT Bombay. The theme of the continuum 2011 revolves around the customer centric approach of a marketer. The event will host Marketing gurus in various domains to lecture on the theme:

 ‘Marry Your Customers: From Acquisition to Retention’

The one day seminar aims at exploring the various strategies and tactics used by companies on retention rates and churn probabilities. These parameters helps in forecasting several important customer related parameters such as Customer Lifetime Value, Managing Customer equity, balancing the allocation of resources among retention and combination of other marketing efforts.

Some of the key topics for discussion will include:
  • New age advertising: Leveraging upon cross promotions to expand reach
  • Virtual marketing: From customer lead to customer profiling
  • Product innovation (Focusing on Frugal Innovation): Getting the customers to fall in love with the product
  • Rural marketing: Tapping potential markets through product customizations
  • Glocalization: Thinking local is new global
  • Emotional Brand Laddering
  • Green Marketing: Loyalty and Customers
  • Customer Relationship Management: Looking beyond cost containment

Panel Discussion

A panel discussion would also be conducted on a topic in consonance with the central theme. This discussion is aimed at sharing the views and gaining the insights from the eminent business leaders on the topic:

“Creative Marketing on a Shoe String Budget”

Creative thinking and innovative marketing activities are need of the hour. With cost cutting measures, companies have to achieve growth, loyalty and high return on marketing investment. 

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