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Operations Continuum

Operations Continuum 2011 will be organized on 18th September, 2011 with a theme that reflects the current trends and challenges facing the Industries in Operations. The Operations Continuum 2011 will see a series of lectures and panel discussions centred on the theme:

“Strategies for a Glocal Supply Chain”

Indian companies are shifting to global value chains, extending work across time zones, languages, and cultural barriers. This geographic dispersion allows companies to source materials and manufacture products more cost-effectively. But a reliance on a global supply chain also introduces new challenges - making it more difficult to connect with the right people, resolve concerns, and respond quickly to changes and unexpected events. Many global supply chains are engineered, some brilliantly, to manage stable, high-volume production by capitalizing on labor-arbitrage opportunities available in India, China and other low-cost countries. But in a future where the relative attractiveness of manufacturing locations changes quickly along with the ability to produce large volumes economically such standard approaches can leave companies dangerously exposed.

Today's supply chains must satisfy a wide range of interests’ like-

          Accelerate time to market of new products

          Improve product quality

          Lower cost

          Building a trust-based relationships with suppliers

          Better collaboration across supply chain partners

          Reduce risk and manage crises more effectively


What are the risks faced by the Indian companies in building this global supply chain? Is the low labour cost in the developing countries balance the rising raw material costs?  How would the concepts of lean management, JIT, Six Sigma help companies achieve the best results while taking the supply chain global? These are some of the questions that companies need to address in the coming decade.


Operations Continuum 2011

Indicated below are the suggestive and non-restrictive subthemes for the seminar.

       Building a Smarter Supply Chain

       Lean and Green Supply Chain

       Breakthrough Technologies in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

       Supply Chain Collaboration

       Supply Chain Cost Optimization

       New Trends in Logistics Management

       India after GST : Impact on Supply Chain

       Lean and Six Sigma for Organisational Excellence

       Indian Logistics the way Forward: Challenges and Opportunities


Operations Continuum 2011 will bring together a host of industry experts in operations domain who would provide insights into how people can adapt to the new market realities.

Venue     : FC Kohli Auditorium, Kresit, IIT Bombay
Schedule : 18 September 2011

For Details contact:

Swethadri B

+91-98207 08154

Navdeep Singh


Praveen Sakthivel