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HR Continuum

The management of Human Resources has now assumed strategic importance in the achievement of organizational growth and excellence. As globalization advances and we move into the information age, organizations need to adapt to the changes in technology & innovation and the changing issues in management of people in order to achieve organization's goal.
Indian organizations are also witnessing a change in systems, management cultures and philosophy due to the global alignment of Indian organizations. There is a need for multi skill development. Role of HRM is becoming all the more important. More over, the role of an HR manager is shifting from that of a protector and a screener to the role of a planner, innovator and change agent.

HR Continuum 2012

The HR Continuum 2012 to be held on 24th March 2012 is a day long event based around the theme:
"Business Excellence Through Innovative HR Practices"

The topics which these eminent people will be sharing their thoughts include:
  • Change Management
  • Innovation in Employee Engagement
  • Virtual Organization
  • Impact of Technology on HR Practices
  • HR Role in M&A: Marriage of Minds
  • HR Innovation in Training, Development
  • Use of Social Media for Human Resource
  • Work Life Balance
  • The Emergence of Talent Management

Panel Discussion

In consonance with the theme of the Continuum, the panel discussion brings forth the views and learning of eminent business leaders and academia on:

"Changing role of HR across various industries"

Some of the prominent speakers in the past HR Continuums were:

  • Mr. Arvind Agrawal - President, Corporate Development & HR, RPG Group 
  • Mr. Radhakrishnan Nair - Head HR, Tata Steel
  • Mr. Prashant Shrivastava - Country Manager and Partner, Gallup Consulting
  • Mr. Srihari Udupa - Chief People Officer, PWC
  • Mr. Sandeep Dhar - CEO, Tesco India
  • Mr. Suryanarayan Iyer - Director, ERP and Human Capital Management Solutions, Oracle

For Details, contact:
 Amit Nayak
 Reshu Hooda
 T.E. Srivatsan
 +91-9320762474 +91-9833437119 +91-9004330821