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Marketing Continuum

Continuum, the rolling seminar series held at Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay, encompasses various management domains viz. Consulting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations and Systems. Each year‟s Continuum brings together eminent speakers from industry as well as academia.
The event focuses on relevant concerns and challenges faced by managers in the prevailing economic scenario/conditions. The Continuum seminars include interactive talks, panel discussions involving eminent speakers and workshops for hands-on learning. They are well attended by delegates from different organizations, distinguished alumni of the school, students from other business schools, as well as students from other departments of IIT Bombay. The Continuum series also features a number of student competitions, including case study contests, paper presentations and business games.

Marktrix- The Marketing Club of SJMSOM

Marktrix - The marketing club of SJMSOM helps in fostering new ideas and opening up unexplored vistas in the field of marketing. The club acts as the most important resource for students interested in this domain. It provides a platform for budding marketers to interact with Industry stalwarts and alumni and grow through their experiences. It organizes regular workshops in digital marketing, branding and advertising, strategic selling and so on. Apart from conducting regular interactive sessions, the club seeks to build competencies in the field of Marketing Management through case analysis.

Marketing Continuum 2012

In a constantly evolving world where stagnation is synonymous with death, wearing the hat of a marketer presents some very unique issues to be dealt with. The job now goes beyond the traditional scope of communicating value, attracting customers and retaining them. Amidst all the tectonic forces operating in the market, resulting in paradigm shifts in market dynamics, Marketing has emerged as a key business function that can help firms to not only stay afloat but ride high on the waves of change.

The advent of the digital era has unleashed several channels for reaching out to customers in addition to the conventional media. This has brought forth a flurry of new players in the arena thus making competition ruthless and unpredictable. How does one tide over this wave of change and continue to ride high? With traditional marketing norms being challenged by progressively creative and innovative ways of attracting customers, firms that had earlier marginalized the role of marketing are becoming more and more dependent on it to differentiate them from competition.
Hence keeping the context in light, Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay presents “Marketing Continuum” on the theme:

“Evolution of Marketing to Revolutionize Businesses“

The one day Seminar aims at exploring the role of innovation in creating new Marketing paradigms for creating a better connect with the intended customers. The discussions are going to create a valuable source of inspiration and knowledge to the generation Y marketers and give them ample food for thought on novel and innovative ways in creating product value diffusion within the consumer community.

Indicated below are some suggestive but non-restrictive sub-themes for the seminar. You may choose to speak on any of the below topic or any other topics of your expertise that you find relevant to the theme:
  • Progressive and Tech-Savvy B2B Marketing
  • Standing out in the Crowd - Differentiation
  • Experimental Marketing - Commodity to Services
  • Marketing, An integral part of Business Strategy
  • Marketing and R&D - Collaborate to Dominate
  • Target Marketing - A Comprehensive Approach
  • Digital Marketing - Birth and Rise of Marketing 4.0
  • Marketing for the bottom of the Pyramid - Serving the Untapped Mass
  • Strategic Brand Management - From Recognition to Loyalty
  • Emotional Connect - Making Customers' Heart a Sales Touch Point

Panel Discussion

To get into the deeper depths of a topic a dialog is imperative, in fact a dialogue creates more clear distinctions between the facts and assumptions, and when it comes from the experience and expertise of the industry, it just gets better. This panel discussion is aimed at the same very purpose on the theme:

“Outbound Vs Inbound Marketing - Bonding not Bugging gets the ball rolling”

Outbound marketing methods such as trade shows, seminar series, email blasts to purchased lists, internal cold calling, outsourced telemarketing and advertising have traditionally been the marketer‟s tools to find the proverbial needle (read consumers) in the haystack. In this era of information overload where consumers are constantly figuring out ways to block these channels through registering in NDNC (National Do Not Call) registry, spam blocking and many other ways, these outbound methods are increasingly proving to be inefficient and expensive.

An affordable and amicable alternative to this can be “Inbound” marketing that combines elements of relationship marketing and permission marketing. Not only can it harness increasing digitization through marketing methods such as blogging, interaction on social media, search engine optimization, and webinars to attract warm leads with higher CLV (customer lifetime value) but also it is resource light. Instead of wasting time and effort on people who have no interest in the product offering, inbound marketing methods focuses on and filters out potential customers and progressively build relationships thus inviting them to trials.

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Reshu Hooda

Rizwan Hashim
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