Mr. C. S. Venkataraman

    Mr. CS Venkataraman spoke about the technologies which are used in defence sector. Being associated with Tata Power, which is linked to defence sector for over three decades, Mr. Venkataraman pointed that defence is one of the main drivers of innovation and emphasized that any country’s strength in defence is mainly attributed to its strength in technology. 

    Delving into the topic further, Mr. Venkataraman informed that defence systems are guided and controlled by OODA loop. OODA model was proposed by Col. John Boyd, USAF. The four phases of the loop are observe, orient, decide and act. He mentioned that this loop is true not only in defence, but holds good across multiple areas such as business, sports, etc. 

    After the discussion on OODA model, Mr Venkataraman talked about C4ISR, i.e., command, control, communicate, compute, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. He further told that defence systems cannot afford to have errors and its application software development strictly requires the processes to be either CMM Level 4 or 5. He further discussed about multiple hypothesis tracking – a uniquely developed algorithm, Integrated Electronic Warfare System and Countermeasure Control Center. 

    Mr. Venkataraman concluded his talk by emphasizing the role of technology in defence industry. He felt that the Indian defence should have the right mixture of technologies from abroad as well as those indigenously developed. In a long term perspective, he firmly emphasized developing the indigenous technologies. He observed that the entry barriers might be high for this, but the long term gains would be significant.