Mr. Mallikarjun Kande

    Mr. Mallikarjun Kande is currently the Group Manager at ABB, GISL. Prior to this, he worked as a Program Manager at HoneyWell Technologies and as an Electronics Engineer at GE Global Research. He started his career as a Scientist at ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore. Giving a brief about ABB, Mr. Mallikarjun mentioned that ABB is a 1.45L employee strong company spread over 100 countries. To give us an idea about the size of the company, he mentioned that in the year 2012 itself, ABB’s business ran to the tune of $39bn. ABB believes in increasing revenue by doing less in a sustainable way.

     A company spread so wide with its operations so diverse can never compromise on the quality that it delivers. Explaining this, Mr. Kande introduced us to the concept of RAMS i.e. Reliability, Availability, Maintenance and Sustainability. ABB ensures to all its customers that the products delivered by it are the most reliable. It tries to make its products available at as many locations as possible. ABB’s products demand less maintenance and ABB on the whole tries to run in a sustainable mode in the long run.
    This was followed by the description of the “Hype Cycle”. For any product or technology newly introduced into the market, initially there would be a technology trigger which the enthusiastic customers undergo. This gets followed by a peak of inflation wherein there would be the maximum number of buyers for the technology or the product. This also attracts the maximum investments in the product and the marketability of it. After this stage, comes the trough of disillusionment wherein the realization dawns upon that the new product or technology may not be as promising as expected. This gets followed by the stage of enlightment. By this time the technology would have got matured. We then reach the final stage of “Plateau of Product”. This gives way to the rise of another technology. 

    The session ended with a Q&A session in which the eager students among the audience expressed their insightful queries which were answered by Mr. Kande in an informative manner.