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Finance Continuum

Finance Continuum 2010

Asian economies especially India and China have emerged very rapidly from the global financial crisis. While the developed economies are struggling, developing economies are showing very strong growth. The economic centre of gravity is shifting to the emerging economies. There is an increasing level of self-confidence and plenty of new opportunities. India has to grow its GDP @ 10% plus level to alleviate poverty and make a transition from a developing to a developed economy. This means that we need all round growth in agriculture, manufacturing and service. Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee has envisaged investments of $1 trillion between 2012-13 and 2016-17. McKinsey estimates that India will need to build a city of the size of Chicago every year to accommodate the hundreds of millions of people who will be migrating to cities in the next 2 decades. Financing this growth is a big challenge.

Pre-Event - Paper Writing Competition

As a pre-event to the Continuum, Finesse, the Finance Club, and Vinnoite Media is organizing a paper writing competition in association with State Bank of Hyderabad and Financial Express on the following topics:

  • Role of Private Equity In Providing Growth Capital
  • Keeping Microfinance Healthy
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Building Indian MNCs
  • Rebuilding Trust: Risk Management In Financial Services
  • First Prize     : Rs  2000/-
  • Second Prize : Rs 1000/-
For details and participation, click here

Papyrus Results:
First Prize:
Team Xites [Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar]
    Member 1: Anwesh Padhee
    Member 2: Santosh Patnaik
Second Prize:
Team Arbit [MDI]
    Member 1: Arun Singhal
    Member 2: Sidharth Agarwal

Congratulations to the winners !!


This year's Finance Continuum is based on the theme:
 “Financing The Future: Opportunities & Challenges”
The areas of discussion are:
  • Making Corporate Finance Relevant: Re-Engineering The Finance Function
  • Role Of Private Equity In Providing Growth Capital
  • Keeping Microfinance Healthy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Building Indian MNCs
  • Indian Capital Markets – The Next Big Thing?
  • Rebuilding Trust: Risk Management In Financial Services
The speakers for the event are:

  • Mr. Dharmakriti Joshi - Chief Economist, CRISIL (Keynote Speaker)
  • Mr. Sivaraman - Sr. Vice President, L&T Finance
  • Mr. Gopakumar Puthenveettil - President, ICICI Securities
  • Mr. J.Niranjan - Head Investment Banking, Tata Capital
  • Mr. Anand Bajaj - Group Executive Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer, Yes Bank
  • Mr. Rahul Shukla - Head Corporate Banking, Citibank 
  • Mr. Parag Wahg - Vice President, Corporate Banking, Citibank
  • Ms. Latika Kundu - Head, Market Operations, MCX-SX

Venue and Schedule

Venue       : FC Kohli Auditorium, IIT Bombay 
Schedule  : 26 September 2010, 0900hrs to 1700hrs 

Post - event Writeup

The systems continuum was followed by the Finance continuum. As India grows rapidly, and  financing this growth seems to be a big challenge,  The Finance Continuum in association with State Bank of Hyderabad discussed the theme "Financing the Future: Opportunities and Challenges" on 26th September. The event was inaugurated by Mr.Dharmakirti Joshi –Chief Economist at CRISIL and Mr. Anand Bajaj Group Executive Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer,Yes Bank.

Mr. Dharmakirti Joshi set the tone of the event as he discussed about the global economic landscape and compared India and China’s growth story. He talked about how Asia’s outlook has improved as Asia drives the world out of the recession. Checking the optimism in the audience, he also discussed the risks and challenges ahead emphasizing on the issue of Financial Inclusion.



Taking from there Mr. Anand Bajaj, talked about Innovation of Mobile Money & Future of Banking Services. He discussed how collaboration between Telecom Company, government and banks is driving a new open financial ecosystem of mobile banking which shall make the FI s reach the bottom of the pyramid.

Later, Mr. Gopakumar Putenveettil - President of ICICI Securities, discussed Equity Capital Markets. He talked about the changing trends, growth drivers and challenges ahead for the market.


Also, Ms. Latika Kundu – Executive Director, MCX’SX talked about Potential and opportunities of Capital markets. Pointing out that even after 20 years, our capital markets had similar limitations of  low investor population, underdeveloped debt market, and need for SME exchange as in 1991,she discussed the vast opportunities Indian capital markets have.

Mr. J. Niranjan – Head of Investment Banking, Tata Capital discussed the Indian Growth story & how it affects Investment banking. He talked about the immediate governance issues in India and also highlighted how growth shall lead to huge availability of money in Indian markets and hence more M&As.


Mr. Rahul Shukla & Mr. Parag Wagh, representing Corporate Banking division of Citibank, talked about how M& A s are becoming instrumental in building Indian MNC’s .

Also the session with
Mr. N. Sivaraman, Sr. Vice President, L&T Finance,
was very interactive as he discussed Banking licenses. He talked about pathway
& regulations for NBFC to bank conversion, framework defined by RBI in
terms of minimum capital requirement, levels of promoter shareholding,
business plans, and option of having industrial houses as promoters and also
encouraged new business model for
NBFCs / banks oriented towards financial
inclusion. All in all it was a very enriching and interactive session.

Towards the end of the event, Ms. Latika Kundu - Head, Market Operations,MCX-SX launched the second edition of VinnEX 
International Championship
which is starting on 27th September 2010 with an aim to raise financial awareness in partnership
with FOFM ( The Future of Financial Markets – A Conference by Financial Technologies - the owner of MCX ), MCX-Stock
Exchange, Career-Journal, CoolAvenues, Dare2compete, Twenty19.

With the end of Finance Continuum, it was the end of the very successful Continuum series 2010 that saw participation from alumni, industry and students from IIT B community and other B Schools.


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