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In the turbulent times where companies are taking a stance to protect their position in the market, efficient management of the available talent pool, harnessing their capabilities and channelizing their efforts towards achievement of the company’s goal is now a challenge which has to be addressed by future HR policies.
At the HR Continuum eminent speakers from industry converge for a day-long event to address these issues and share their thoughts and ideas about nurturing the most important resource i.e. the human capital.
HRiday - The HR Continuum Pre-Event
The HR Continuum would be preceded by HRiday -  a pre-event for the Continuum.
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HR Continuum 2010
The HR Continuum 2010 to be held on 25th July 2010 is based around the theme:

The one day seminar aims at understanding how the modern industries from different domains handle the dynamics of attrition, talent management, employee engagement, global recruitment and still continue to strive to be the best employer not only nationally but globally.
From hiring new people to reducing excess flab, the job of an HR professional remains difficult and critical to a company. This continuum gives an opportunity to understand this criticality and also the solutions used by various organisations to deal with the challenges.
Following is the list of speakers who have confirmed their presence for the HR continuum 2010:  
  • Mr. Prashant Shrivastava - Country Manager and Partner, Gallup Consulting – Key note speaker
  • Mr. Arvind Agrawal - President & Chief Executive, Corporate Development &HR, RPG group
  • Mr. Srihari Udupa, Chief People Officer, PWC India
  • Mr. Suryanarayan Iyer, Director, Pre Sales and Human Capital Management Solutions, Oracle
  • Mr. Jon Glass, Country HR Head, Credit Suisse
  • Mr. Sujit Bhuniya, Chief-Talent Management, TATA Steel
  • Mr. Alok Ranjan, Head, Organizational Development, SAB Miller
The topics which these eminent people will be sharing their thoughts include: 
  • Talent Management: Succession Planning and Employee Engagement
  • Grooming HR Leaders for a better tomorrow
  • Ethics, Justice and Fair treatment in HR management
  • Embracing technology for strategic advantage
  • Cultural Integration – The Global HR
In consonance with the theme of the Continuum, the panel discussion brings forth the views and learning of eminent business leaders and academia on:


The panel discussion will be moderated by Mr. Rajesh Kamath, Director SHRM.