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Systems Continuum

The world of Systems is evolving as fast as it can. In today’s world, where computers have become as ubiquitous as televisions, Information Technology plays a critical role in an organization. We are no more stuck on a desktop and the maximum work happens on the go. Today’s business does not accommodate a tradeoff between scale and flexibility but demands synergies from both. Systems Continuum explores different aspects of Information Technology and Information Systems in business by initiating discussions on cutting-edge topics. 

The Systems Continuum 2014 which was organized on 23rd August 2014 by 'System@tics' - The Systems club of SJMSOM, IIT Bombay, consisted of a series of lectures centered on the theme:

“Digital Economy: Leveraging data to stay ahead”

Some of the key topics which were touched upon during this day-long event were:
  • Impact of Internet of Things on business
  • Promise of Crowd Sourcing: Borderless Enterprise
  • Digitization: A threat or opportunity to Indian Industry
  • Capturing business value with Social technologies
  • Analyzing big data for disruptive innovation
  • Is big data becoming the basis of business model?
  • Engaging Human Resources: Using people data to create value
  • Moving beyond transaction to digital relationship


The following speakers delivered lectures at the Systems Continuum 2014:

  • Mr. Sandeep Raut, Director – Digital One at Syntel
  • Mr. Tarun Mishra, Founder & Director, Covacsis
  • Mr. Anjan Lahiri, CEO, Sasken Communication Technologies
  • Mr. Sriram Kanuri, Director & CEO, Arteria Technologies
  • Mr. Prasad Ramanathan, Associate VP, IGATE
  • Mr. Suresh Dhamapurkar, Founder & Director, Bizino IT Consulting & Solutions
  • Mr. Avinash Gupta, CEO,
  • Mr. Sanjivan S Shirke, VP & Information Security Officer, UTI Asset Management Company