Systems Continuum

The world of Systems is evolving as fast as it can. Today’s business does not accommodate trade offs between scale and flexibility but demands synergies from both. Systems Continuum explores different aspects of Information Technology and Information Systems in business by initiating discussions on cutting-edge topics. Each Systems Continuum consists of a series of events centered on a particular theme. Eminent speakers from industry and students of management and engineering institutes converge for an entire day's event consisting of a lecture series. 

                                Systems Continuum 2015

The Systems Continuum 2015 was organized on Aug 22nd and it was based around the theme:

“Changing dynamics of IT – The road ahead”

Information Technology (IT) has undergone a dramatic transition from a utility provider to an enabler of business model transformation over the years. The advancements in the fields of analytics and the changing dynamics of cloud, employee workforce and the business environment are redefining the way IT operates. At the Systems Continuum 2015, the discussion was about the advancements which are happening in the IT field and how companies are incorporating the changes to the existing technology infrastructure.



 The following speakers delivered lectures at the Systems Continuum 2015:

Ø Mr. Vipul Jain, MD & CEO of Accelya Kale Solutions delivered a talk on creating the product mindset and the IPR. He provided insights about the current situation of India and what stops Indian firms from creating products. He concluded the talk by instilling the fact that IPR is for the creation of a mind and so everybody can do it.

Ø Mr. Chandra Shekhar is working as a Senior Director and Practice Head - Customer Experience Management at Virtusa He spoke about how important it is to understand the customer needs and how small things can go a long way in creating a great customer experience, which is necessary for both product and service companies.

Ø Mr. Sameer Soman, Managing Director at ThoughtWorks India Limited delivered a talk on Business transformation through Agile/agile. He drove home the point that being agile is very critical to an organization and Agile methodologies can only be a facilitator.

Ø Mr. Rajesh Ramachandran, currently the President and CTO at Rolta India Limited delivered a talk on how big data and analytics are driving businesses. He also insisted that the companies should go further ahead instead of stopping at predictive analytics to realize the full potential of Big data.

Ø Mr. Srikanth Velamakanni, CEO and co-founder of Fractal Analytics He chose a very interesting topic - Analytics - Arts, Science and the Secret Sauce and conveyed the message that Analytics by itself is not going to do wonders. A proper understanding of the situation and interpretation of the results is required to make Analytics useful for business.